Take Your Photoshop Skills To the Next Level

Learn true “Fine-Art Photoshop” techniques and master the essential skills that will elevate your use of Photoshop and enable you to create canvas-worthy works of art. At the same time, expand your repertoire of ‘grunge’ Photoshop techniques and achieve effects normally reserved for top photographers and graphic artists, and create Layered Compositions, moving beyond simply editing (or “fixing”) an individual image, and instead compile cool, sophisticated photo montages fit for print.

The Training Modules:


Module 2 - Advanced Layer Effects

Module 3 - Vectors and Typography

Module 4 - Photo-Art Composition

A Few Testimonials . . .

“I am simply in awe of this course! You are putting so much in for us to learn … And while much you give us early on is elementary, the other content is very advanced (which simply means people with very little PS experience can learn right alongside the rest of us). I can’t imaging how much a person would have to pay to get this much Photoshop training elsewhere. But I would guess it would be $500 – $1000 easily! I can’t begin to express my gratitude. What I paid for this course is a pittance compared to what I’m learning. And you have only just begun…unbelievable! I am so fortunate to have heard about this course.” — J. Ruse


“Best content of any course that I’ve taken … In fact, it’s clearly the best set of tutorials I’ve seen on the internet. It’s packed with value and the instructor is fabulous. Great value and great teacher too! I’m addicted!!” — B. Rosenfeld


“I love this course!! I’ve learned more in just Module 1 than I have in four years of randomly trying to pick up Photoshop information. Thank you!!” — D. Henderson


“Your course is probably the best and most informative and easy to follow that I have attended. I am getting so much from it. Not only for grunge photo work but also just general editing. When I look at my edited photos now, they really have been taken to another level with the skills learned here. Love the cheat sheets too. Thanks so much!” — Steven S.


“I am thoroughly enjoying your Training Course . . . to be honest, I have not experienced this quality of professionalism in any of the on-line training courses that I have attended to date. I have learned so much already – It is like Photoshop on Steroids. Your enthusiasm and passion for what you are doing shines through in your presentation style, and it is honestly a pleasure to just sit back and absorb your in-depth knowledge on this subject.” — Athol P.


“One of THE best courses I have ever signed up for – there is just so much information and Sebastian is a brilliant teacher. So happy I found this.” — L. Fletcher


“I have been enjoying the course enormously. This is just brilliant stuff… Just excellent… Thanks, Sebastian.” — I. Sarg


“Can I first thank you for such a wonderful course … the amount of effort you are putting into it and the level of communication you give … You have completely changed the way I think of photography and have really inspired me. Thanks for a brilliant course at such a very, very good price!!!” — P. Paulden


“I have learned more about Photoshop from your videos than anything else I have come across.” — Kevin T.


“The amount of stuff on the site is FANTASTIC and I’m not even halfway though the main course!!” — S. Newlyn


“I can’t get over how good you are at teaching! As an older student, I thank you for being specific about the processes you have developed. You have a wonderful program and I truly appreciate your skills as a teacher!” — S. Chapman