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Attain Photoshop Mastery

Take your Photoshop skills to the next level. How many photos can you edit or correct before you are ready to step up and begin creating real art?

In this course you are going to learn how to make Photoshop sing. You’re going to accomplish incredible effects, create elaborate compositions, and do all of this quickly and efficiently, like a top professional.

Your work (indeed, your world) will never be the same after you step into this course and begin turning out one incredible project after another. The caliber of work you will be creating even halfway through this course will astonish you.

The course is built to take you four to six weeks (with about 60 highly instructive videos to go through), but you can go at your own pace, and you can come back again and again, as often and for as long as you like — whether to pick up something new, or brush up on something you’ve learned, or pull fresh inspiration for your latest piece.

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Easter & Spring Backdrops

Textures, Vectors, and Custom Brushes

Jump into the course while the bonuses are still active and you can grab three amazing libraries of images and resources that will instantly enhance everything you do in Photoshop.

  • Textures and Backgrounds will add great visual depth and interest to your images.
  • High-res, fully-rendered Vector Graphics will make every image five times as cool as before (clinically proven).
  • And the various Custom Brush Libraries you will be loading into your system will allow you to produce intricate effects quickly and easily, which would otherwise take hours to create.

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Create an Incredible Online Portfolio

Every lesson module will wrap up with several project ideas devised to inspire you and help you fully own the material. And you will be compiling the best of your material into an awesome online portfolio.

You are going to learn half a dozen ways to present your images online, not to mention how to build up an internet presence and define yourself as an artist.

By the end of the course, you will have a pro-quality portfolio of work you can be proud of (and perhaps even build a career upon).

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Enroll and Get Started Today!

You can begin today and jump straight into the first module. You will be creating amazing images of your own within the hour.

While this course contains a lot of material, you can create awesome images within each module, even after each video. And as you acquire more and more tools and approaches to working with Photoshop — and as your artistic side expands further — everyone around you will be astonished at what you are able to create.

Don’t put this off. Jump in now, grab the bonuses while they are still available, and become the photo-artist you are capable of becoming.

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Celebrity Plus Size Dresses

Why ‘Grunge’?

‘Grunge’ can mean a number of things, some grittier than others. We use it here rather loosely to indicate any artistic layering approach used to create interesting (often complex) image effects.

Sometimes those effects can get a bit … well, grungy. But getting a little dirty is good for you. And this willingness to step outside of the pretty and the perfect will free up your artistic side in ways merely correcting images never can.

Why Enroll?

  • A wealth of amazing, in-depth video training.
  • Three bonus image libraries (for a limited time!)
  • Create your own digital portfolio while you work through the projects.
  • Create amazing works for the web, as fine-art prints, and for presentation on canvas!


I’ve been crazy about photography for years, but I never really got past seeing photos as … well, photos. Learning to treat my work this seriously and learning to take my photos and turn them into real art — it’s nothing short of a revelation. This changes everything.

Katie F.

I am blown away by this course. You just don’t see this kind of training anywhere. I’ve got ALL the books, and I’ve been through all sorts of training online. No one is teaching this stuff. Not like this.

Jake H.